New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Debut in Downtown Elizabethtown -

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Town of Elizabethtown officials introduced its first public Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging station at a ribbon-cutting event on Monday, March 11, marking a significant milestone for the Town. “This addition is a significant boost for our downtown area,” commented Mayor Sylvia Campbell, highlighting the convenience offered to EV users at the Cape Fear Farmer’s Market location. This strategic placement allows visitors to shop and dine while their vehicles charge.


“We want to get people here to shop, and this gives us a reason to keep them here just a little bit longer,” Mayor Campbell noted.

Chris Nelson, CEO of Helios Energy, shared insights into the technology behind the charging stations, noting their compatibility with all-electric vehicles. These stations, part of the latest ChargePoint commercial series, are notable for being the first to receive Energy Star certification. The new station is a level two charging station built for expansion and growth.

Electric Vehicles - New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Debut in Downtown Elizabethtown -

Nelson reported, “I think a key point to know is that ChargePoint is continuing to grow. Literally, there is a ChargePoint charge going on every second of every day here in the US.”

The new station is not just for locals. John Sadler, a Sales Associate with Nissan of Clinton, emphasized the strategic advantage of the new charging station, saying, “It adds a lot more accessibility for travelers going to Myrtle Beach. You can park here, charge your car, and pretty much walk anywhere in Town.” This comment underlines the charging station’s role in enhancing the convenience and accessibility of downtown Elizabethtown for both residents and visitors.

According to Town Manager Dane Rideout, this initiative was made possible through a collaborative effort involving an NCDEQ DC settlement grant alongside a matching contribution from the Town.

Rideout said, “This project has been two years in the making, and I do want to thank the DEQ.”

Certain requirements had to be fulfilled for the station to be situated at its current location. Rideout extended his appreciation to Steve Duffy from the Town for his efforts in overhauling the underground stormwater drainage system, which required updates.

Electric Vehicles - New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Debut in Downtown Elizabethtown -

The charging stations are situated on a dedicated platform near the Farmer’s Market access road, providing a much-needed service within the town limits. Prior to this, the nearest public charging facility was at the Four County Electric Membership Corporation facility on Highway 242, just outside Elizabethtown.

Town Council member Rufus Loyd expressed his enthusiasm for the new installation, “It’s wonderful! I had an opportunity to ride in one of the electric vehicles. The experience is nice. They will get up and go.” Loyd’s remarks reflect the positive reception from the community and the excitement surrounding the adoption of EV technology.

The unveiling event also featured a live demonstration of the charging process, using a Tesla from Spencer Cummings of Cape Fear Valley Bladen Healthcare and a 2023 Nissan Ariya Platinum, courtesy of Nissan of Clinton. This demonstration showcased the charging station’s capability and its readiness to serve the community and visitors to Downtown Elizabethtown.

The Town’s charging station is in Duke Energy’s service area. The Town set a competitive rate of 25 cents per kilowatt for the charging station through ChargePoint. Customers may access the ChargePoint app to use the charging stations.

In closing, Rideout announced, “We are trying to diversify our portfolio, if you will… the next charging station we are looking at is going to be at the airport.” The station will be a dual charging station with the option for electric planes to charge on one side of the station and cars to charge on the opposite side. The airport’s charging station will be a level three charger for vehicles and electric planes. BladenOnline will report more about the airport’s charging station as soon as details are available.

The Cape Fear Farmer’s Market with the EV charging station is located at 106 Martin Luther King Jr Drive in Elizabethtown, NC.

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Electric Vehicles - New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Debut in Downtown Elizabethtown -

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