Penn State football player allegedly assaults tow truck driver

CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Penn State football player is facing an assault charge after allegedly assaulting a tow truck driver.

Abdul Carter, 20, is facing a simple assault charge after an altercation allegedly occurred between him and a tow truck driver that was attempting to tow his Dodge Challenger on March 16.

The tow truck driver told police that he noticed that Carter’s Challenger was in a parking lot at the Aspen State College apartment complex without a parking pass. The parking lot required all residents to register their vehicles and obtain a parking pass for vehicles on the property, according to the criminal complaint.

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When the driver attempted to begin towing Carter’s Challenger, the car alarm began going off which allegedly caused Carter to come outside. He then confronted the driver and asked what needed to be done to keep the car, according to the complaint. The driver told Carter that if he paid the drop fee then his vehicle wouldn’t be towed that day.

The driver then explained his credentials to Carter and asked him to fill out paperwork so he could drop the vehicle. Carter allegedly refused to provide his information and continued to question the driver on why his vehicle was being towed.

When the driver began to tow Carter’s vehicle and Carter allegedly began yelling that he was going to call 911. The driver attempted to enter his tow truck, however Carter was blocking the door with his arm up against the driver, according to the complaint.

The driver was able to get into his truck, however, Carter then allegedly grabbed him from behind, pulled him from the truck, carried him across the parking lot to a grassy area and threw him onto the ground.

Both men then began running back to the tow truck, and on the way the driver saw a cellphone that he assumed was his. When he picked it up, Carter allegedly grabbed the man again, pushed him to the ground and held him down.

Carter is now facing a simple assault charge and a summary offence of harassment. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 22.


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