Police: Dallas, Texas violent crime continues to trend downwards

Violent crime in the city is down more than 17% from this time last year.

dallas — The violent crime in the City of Dallas is lower than it’s been in 6 years and the homicide rate continues to drop.

Detective Casey Shelton is one the top homicide detectives at the Dallas Police Department.

”At 2 a.m. we get the call, we shower and shave and get going,” said Det. Shelton.

In years past Shelton and his unit have been swamped with keeping up with Dallas homicides. But this year, the city has seen a dramatic drop in homicides and violent crime.

Homicides are down 25% that’s 30 less victims, aggravated assaults are down 22%, and total violent crime is down 17%.

That means 774 less victims than this same time last year.

”We want the department to be better and hopefully it’s getting better and the things that have taken place in the last couple of years have helped this, to keep the crime rate down,” said Det. Shelton.

He’s talking about Chief Eddie Garcia’s data driven violent crime plan.

It focuses on the most violent areas of Dallas and taking down habitual offenders then working with the city and community groups to improve those areas.

”We are at the lowest violent crime in this city in 6 years,” said Mayor Eric Johnson, City of Dallas.

City leaders and the police chief launched the 3rd annual summer safety crime initiative because traditionally the summer months are the most violent ones of the year when kids are out of school.

”We are not out of the woods yet this is not the time to give up. We can not do it alone. This is our time to put the foot on the gas and work even harder,” said Chief Garcia.

The city is offering dozens of free programs like boxing, music classes and reading programs to keep kids busy and out of trouble.

”Our goal is to be the safest major city in the country,” said Mayor Johnson.

Detective Casey Shelton is on board. Less crime means fewer call outs and fewer victims and more lives saved.


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