Police respond after bull got into Mansfield, Texas backyard

mansfield police took the bull safely back to its pasture. It and another bull wander up to Latoya Keeling's backyard daily, where she gives them a snack.

MANSFIELD, Texas — Bulls (apparently) love bananas. 

Latoya Keeling of Mansfield learned that pretty organically Wednesday night when a young bull surprisingly looked through her back window.

"He walked up to the window and peeked his eyeball through there like, 'I know y'all home!'" Keeling said with a laugh. 

The bull, named 'Curly' by Keeling for its curly hair, and another young bull (Keeling calls him 'Moe') wander up from the pasture behind her home daily. 

Keeling loves seeing the two young bulls and has been innocently throwing them bananas occasionally—but she didn't think one would break through the barbed-wire fence trying to find her (and the bananas.) 

Texas News - Police respond after bull got into Mansfield, Texas backyard

"It was around 8 p.m., and I saw a silhouette outside, and I was like, 'I know he didn't get up here!'" Keeling chuckled. 

Keeling's backyard is about two to three feet above the pasture, but 'Curly' climbed up through the fence. 

Their harmless relationship went to the next level, so the police had to be called. 

"He didn't know how to get back down, and I didn't know how to get him back down, so I called the non-emergency line," Keeling said. 

Texas News - Police respond after bull got into Mansfield, Texas backyard

Mansfield officers responded and met 'Curly' in Keeling's backyard--the one-ton toddler can be seen nudging them and resisting arrest on a video taken by Keeling. 

Ultimately, the officers safely guided the bull back to its pasture, but not before having a little fun and taking pictures. 

The fence will be rebuilt--and Keeling has learned not to get too friendly. 

"Don't feed bulls bananas. They're like cats--they'll keep coming back," Keeling said. 


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