Police stop driver spotted towing two vans at once along Scots road

Police stopped a driver on a Scots road on Tuesday morning after a van was spotted towing two vehicles simultaneously.

The driver was reported to the procurator fiscal after officers discovered the procession was 62 per cent of the permitted weight limit.

In images shared to social media, cables can be seen in between the vehicles and attaching them together, Glasgow Live reports.

The driver was stopped by police after towing two vehicles (Image: Police Scotland)

Officers also stopped a second driver for exceeding the permitted weight limit. The van transporting materials was 46 per cent overweight.

The driver was also reported to the procurator fiscal.

A second driver was also found to be over the weight limit (Image: Police Scotland )

In a post on Twitter, Road Policing Scotland said: "Early shift #DumbartonRP stopped these vehicles for exceeding the weight limit.

"The vehicle on the left decided to tow 2 vehicles simultaneously and was 62% over the permitted weight. The vehicle in the second image was 46% overweight. Both drivers reported to #COPFS #DontRiskIt"

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