Progressive Roadside Assistance: Is It Worth It? (2024)

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Progressive roadside assistance can be added onto your standard coverage plan.

It typically costs less than $20 per year for drivers to purchase Progressive roadside assistance.

Roadside assistance coverage is offered by most national providers, like GEICO and USAA, as an add-on coverage option.

Progressive roadside assistance includes towing and winching, battery jump-starts, fuel and fluid deliveries, locksmith services, and flat-tire changes.

Progressive roadside assistance can come in handy if your vehicle breaks down while you’re on the road. In this article, we’ll explain the ins and outs of Progressive roadside assistance coverage, including what it covers and how much it costs. We’ll also compare how Progressive compares with the best auto insurance and cheapest car insurance providers that offer emergency roadside assistance.

What Is Progressive Roadside Assistance?

Progressive roadside assistance is not offered as a stand-alone plan. Instead, it comes as an additional coverage option. This means that you can purchase it as an add-on for your current Progressive auto insurance policy.

The roadside coverage from Progressive can come in handy if your car malfunctions while on the road. In the case of an emergency, you can reach Progressive by calling the company’s roadside assistance hotline or by using its app. The Progressive app also contains instructions for replacing a flat tire or for jump-starting a dead car battery on your own.

Progressive Roadside Assistance Coverage

Each auto insurance provider offers a roadside assistance plan with varying features, benefits, and limits. Progressive’s roadside assistance coverage is comparable with other car insurance providers in the industry, though it is slightly less extensive than plans offered through AAA.

What Does Progressive Roadside Assistance Cover?

With Progressive, roadside assistance coverage generally includes a variety of different services. Below, we’ll break down the different types of services offered through the plan for Progressive roadside assistance.

Progressive Roadside Assistance Coverage Details
24/7 Roadside Protection Progressive roadside coverage offers round-the-clock assistance in the event of emergency situations. This allows motorists to drive with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they can call Progressive’s phone number for help.
Progressive Towing Service Progressive customers with the roadside assistance add-on can contact the insurer to have a tow truck move their vehicle. The disabled car can be towed to any location within 15 miles and is taken to the nearest qualified repair shop if one isn’t easily accessible.

For towing beyond the 15-mile radius, you’ll have to pay for the additional costs out of pocket. This mainly applies when you prefer a qualified repair facility that’s farther from your location.

Winching Services Progressive roadside assistance will pull your car out of the snow, mud or sand if it’s within 100 feet of a road. The same is true of a vehicle that’s stuck in a ditch.
Dead Battery Jump-Starts Different factors can cause your car battery to drain, but this situation often comes from you leaving your headlights on for an extended period of time. If your vehicle’s battery dies, Progressive roadside assistance will give you a jump-start for free so you can drive to get a replacement.
Progressive Fuel Delivery The low fuel light isn’t one that you’ll want to see since it means that you’re almost out of gas. Progressive roadside assistance will deliver fuel to your location at no additional cost, though you’ll need to pay for the gas itself.
Battery Charge If your electric car runs out of charge, the insurer will tow your vehicle to the nearest charging station within a 15-mile range. You’ll pay for the cost of the charge, however.
Locksmith Services Locked your keys inside the vehicle? Progressive insurance will dispatch a locksmith to help you get back into your car. Those who need replacements for lost car keys will be required to pay for that service out of pocket.
Flat-Tire Change You’ll face no issues with getting a flat tire changed if you experience one while behind the wheel. Progressive roadside assistance will send a mobile mechanic to help change the flat tire using your spare wheel.
On-Site Repairs Progressive roadside assistance will cover up to one hour of professional mechanical repairs that are done on site. You’ll pay for any more hours of on-scene labor beyond that limit.

Does Using Progressive Roadside Count as a Claim?

No, using your Progressive roadside assistance coverage does not count as a claim. It is considered entirely separate from the claims process. However, keep in mind that the more you use your roadside assistance coverage, the greater the chance you will see a policy increase the next time you renew.

Progressive Insurance Roadside Assistance Exclusions

Note that Progressive roadside assistance doesn’t cover every service needed to get your car back on the road. It’s a subscription-based dispatch program that provides simple services such as flat-tire changes, towing needs and fuel deliveries. Don’t purchase Progressive roadside assistance expecting to receive services that only come with full coverage auto insurance.

Be ready to cover additional costs if you need services like the following:

Tire repairs: If you experience a flat but don’t have a spare tire in your trunk, Progressive will charge you for the new tire replacement.

Dents and scratches: Pretty much none of the industry’s leading roadside service providers offer aesthetic repairs for dents and scratches.

Long-distance towing: Progressive will arrange for up to 15 miles of towing services. You’ll have to foot the bill for further towing if you’ve got a preferred repair facility.

Repairs at the local repair facility: Beyond the one-hour on-site repairs done by a dispatched mobile mechanic, you’ll have to pay for vehicle repair costs.

Car accidents: If you get into an accident and the vehicle is badly damaged, the towing services will fall under collision coverage rather than Progressive roadside assistance. Because of this, picking up this protection won’t serve your needs if you’re hoping to clear up a bad driving record.

Rental car reimbursement: If you need a new vehicle while yours is in the repair shop, expect to pay for coverage yourself unless you add an additional coverage type.

How Much Is Progressive Roadside Assistance?

Adding Progressive roadside assistance to an existing car insurance plan is extremely affordable for most policyholders. Expect to spend less than $20 per year to tack this service onto your current car insurance policy.

Many of the Progressive roadside assistance services are somewhat costly if performed without coverage. In these cases, you’ll save considerable money by purchasing the service. On the other hand, you may spend the extra money and never use the program.

How Does Progressive Roadside Assistance Work?

In the case of a roadside event, you can contact Progressive through its emergency number at 1-800-776-4737 or by using the mobile app. Upon receiving your request, a customer service agent will ask you a set of questions to determine the cause of the car malfunction.

If the insurer cannot get you driving again with quick advice over the phone, Progressive roadside assistance will dispatch a service technician to help you sort out your car trouble.

How Long Does Progressive Roadside Assistance Take?

Progressive works with Agero to have a network of service technicians spread all across the country. Because of this, you can expect a quick response even if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. If a service technician is unable to repair your car on the side of the road, Progressive will have your vehicle towed to the nearest repair facility.

Progressive Roadside Assistance: Conclusion

Purchasing roadside assistance coverage along with your current Progressive policy can help increase peace of mind for a few more dollars every month. And while Progressive roadside assistance is not as extensive as some other providers, it can be a cost-effective option to protect your vehicle from the unexpected.

We recommend shopping around for roadside assistance coverage with Progressive and other providers so you can compare and contrast your options.

Our Recommendations for Auto Insurance

While you’re looking at Progressive roadside assistance, it may be worth considering what else is on the market. We’d recommend getting free quotes from GEICO and USAA.

GEICO: Most Discount Options

Our experts awarded GEICO with 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. The insurer offers some of the industry’s lowest rates along with extensive coverage options and a considerable number of discount opportunities.

Its roadside service policy covers your towing needs, battery jump-starts, lockout services and vehicle winching. GEICO has a policy limit of five roadside service calls per year.

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USAA: Best for Military

USAA has an overall score of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars and comes with relatively affordable premiums and high customer satisfaction. A few features of its roadside assistance program include lockout services, towing needs, flat-tire changes, battery jump-starts and fuel delivery.

Drivers often report enjoying the majority of their experiences with USAA. Note, however, that the company’s services are only available to military personnel, veterans and their family members.

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Roadside Assistance Progressive: FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about roadside assistance with Progressive.

Is Progressive roadside assistance free?

No, Progressive roadside assistance is not a free service. Instead, it’s an add-on coverage to your existing car insurance policy and typically costs an extra $20 per year.

What does Progressive roadside assistance include?

Progressive’s coverage includes fuel delivery services, flat-tire changes, winching, lockouts, towing needs and on-site mechanical repairs. It also has nontypical coverage types like electric battery charging and roadside coverage for boats, motorcycles and recreational vehicles (RVs).

How do I confirm if I have Progressive roadside assistance?

To check if you have Progressive roadside assistance coverage, contact your local insurance agent or head to Progressive’s customer service hotline. Your insurance agent should be able to review the particulars of your coverage and then discuss them with you.

How many times can I use Progressive roadside assistance?

Progressive roadside assistance limits the number of service calls you can make during each policy period. The actual limit is based largely on your state of residence and on your overall coverage plan from the insurer.

Does Progressive roadside assistance only cover cars?

Progressive’s roadside assistance coverage extends beyond just cars. You can also purchase a policy for your motorcycle, boat or RV.

What is the best roadside assistance provider?

While it’s hard to pinpoint the best provider, we believe that GEICO, USAA and Progressive stand out as the best roadside assistance choices on the market.

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