Pune Police Introduces New Rules: No Towing Charges if Driver Present at Illegal Parking Spot

Private companies currently handle towing in Pune, and their workers have reportedly mistreated drivers during towing operations. To address these concerns, CP Amitesh Kumar organized a meeting with towing company representatives and police officers.

The new directive ensures that if a driver is present at the time of the parking violation, towing charges will not be imposed, even if the driver is unaware of local parking rules or is from out of town. Police personnel in towing vans are now instructed to announce violations through loudspeakers.

Commissioner Kumar also emphasized that police personnel should carry e-challans and walkie-talkies when dealing with no-parking violations. The fines for illegal parking are as follows: for two-wheelers, the fine is Rs. 500 including GST, with additional towing charges of Rs. 285, totalling Rs. 785. For four-wheelers, the fine is Rs. 500 including GST, with towing charges of Rs. 571, totaling Rs. 1071.

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