Pune: Relief from indiscriminate ‘towing’ fine; now only ‘No Parking’ fine if vehicle owner is present

Pune: Now, the towing fine will not be recovered from a vehicle owner if they are present while action is taken for ‘No Parking’ or ‘wrong parking’. The Commissioner of Police (CP) has issued guidelines about taking action against parking rule violations. This has brought clarity on the issue.

Vehicles are towed away if they are parked in an undisciplined manner. A private contractor does the job of towing vehicles. Complaints were lodged with the CP that workers of the contractor behave arrogantly with vehicle owners. Now, CP Amitesh Kumar has issued a circular in this regard.

A meeting of representatives of the towing contractors and workers was held in the Police Commissionerate on Wednesday. The CP issued the guidelines in the meeting.

According to the guidelines, towing charges will not be recovered from a vehicle owner if they are present at the time of taking action for ‘wrong parking’ or ‘No Parking’. Many drivers are not aware about even and odd parking dates. Particularly those who come from rural areas. In such cases, towing charge is recovered even when the vehicle owner is present. Now, such practice will be curbed. It has also been instructed to make an announcement on the loudspeaker if a vehicle is parked by violating the ‘even-odd’ rule. Moreover, the traffic constables have been told to carry e-challan machines and walkie-talkies.

No Parking fine (along with towing charge)

Vehicle type / fine + GST / Towing charge / Total fine

Two-wheeler / Rs 500 / Rs 285 / Rs 785

Four-wheeler / Rs 500 / Rs 571 / Rs 1,071


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