Ram Planning Sleek 1500 EV Pickup

Ram has released yet another teaser of the Ram 1500 EV, this time in an animated tweet depicting the electric pickup's front end styling—at least in broad strokes.

When Ram goes EV, it will go big; with a drastic new look, better-late-than-never attributes, and plans for a heavy-duty electric truck including a version that uses a fuel cell to generate the electricity. Given the tip of the brand's electrified spear today is the eTorque ultra-mild-hybrid versions of its gas engines, this is quite the pivot.

The Ram 1500 electric vehicle is coming in 2024, using the STLA Frame dedicated electric vehicle architecture. Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares said he knows Ram is bringing its electric full-size pickup to market late, but he says its performance package of towing, payload, time to charge and range will make up for its tardiness. Tavares made the comments in Amsterdam where he presented the Dare Forward 2030 long-term plan for Stellantis, the company created just over a year ago by merging Fiat Chrysler Automobiles with PSA Group.

The presentation included (yet more) teaser sketches of an electric Ram with modern, sleek, aerodynamic lines and dramatic lighting. On the tailgate, red lights go up the sides and across the top, lighting the word "Ram" in the center. Previous sketches hinted at the sweeping profile and futuristic look, but these firmly indicate Ram is leaning toward the Chevrolet Silverado EV end of the EV pickup styling spectrum, rather than the humdrum Ford F-150 Lightning end (that truck looks like a gas-fed F-150, even though it rides on a totally separate platform).

Orders will be taken before the electric Ram 1500 goes on sale, but timing will fall to Ram brand chief Mike Koval.

The Electric Ram 1500 Must Look Different

MotorTrend asked Tavares about the bolder styling in an interview. He said the desire is for the electric Ram to look different from the conventional truck on sale now.

He knows there will be loyal Ram buyers who will balk, but the brand wants the EV to stand out on its own. Knowing some truck lovers might be hesitant is why Ram is crossing the country over the course of the year to get feedback from customers which could result in some design and packaging tweaks. It is an effort born of respect for long-time buyers in an attempt to help those who will find it harder to adjust to the new look and powertrain, he says.

Electric Heavy-Duty Rams to Include Fuel Cells

Ram is also planning electric heavy-duty trucks. While some will be battery-electric, the automaker will also offer Ram HDs with fuel cells for fleet customers, allowing them to refuel in four minutes in their depots. The technology already exists: Stellantis offers large commercial vans for its Peugeot, Opel and Citroen brands in Europe and the U.S. will also get a large commercial van. The first deliveries for Europe began in December and there are already plans to increase capacity.

Stellantis wants to be the undisputed leader in commercial vehicles, Tavares says. Ram has a contract to supply a fleet of ProMasters to Amazon in the U.S. starting in 2025.

Still Waiting for that Midsize Dakota Replacement

And sometime after the Ram 1500 and HD electric pickups, Ram will roll out a smaller compact or midsize pickup, filling space once occupied by the long-discontinued Dakota. Don't hold your breath—we are likely talking three years out, Tavares suggests. He says the automaker has not even settled on which STLA architecture it will use. But Koval, head of the Ram brand, recently told MotorTrend that the STLA Frame architecture used by the Ram 1500 is too big. We expect the Dakota replacement to be a lifestyle truck and use STLA Large.


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