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Imagine this: you're driving during a rainy, pitch-black night when your vehicle suddenly breaks down, leaving you stranded on the roadside, in desperate need of a tow truck. What do you do? Who do you call? 

When Nationwide customers find themselves in a similar circumstance, they can turn to the newly updated mobile roadside assistance experience within the Nationwide app. The mobile app now offers live tow truck tracking, and Nationwide is one of the first major insurance carriers to offer such a feature. 

Along with this important feature, the roadside assistance experience also includes: 

Ability to locate nearby repair shops (complete with Google maps, ratings and reviews, hours of operation, etc.) Details of tracking events (such as when to expect the tow truck) 

“I liked how I was able to request a tow through the system. It set me up with the tow-truck driver and I was able to track how far away it was,” one customer said. “The driver was very professional and nice. This was a great service, and I will definitely recommend it." 

And it’s not just customers recognizing the company’s innovative solutions, Keynova1 has recognized Nationwide for having the "best practices for a roadside assistance solution in a mobile app." This acknowledgment highlights the exceptional work and the positive impact it has on Nationwide’s customers.  

Want to see the technology in action? Watch a 90-second video.  

With all the ways a customer can submit a roadside assistance request, this new experience brings peace of mind to customers, knowing Nationwide is there for them when it matters most. 


1Q1 2023 Keynova Mobile Insurance Scorecard Results 



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