Roadside Rescue Towing Company Warns Utah Drivers of Risks of DIY Car Jumpstarts in Winter

Winter takes a toll on car batteries, and most drivers look to a friend or family member — or even a stranger in the parking lot, to help them revive their battery. Roadside Rescue, a Utah towing company, is advising drivers to be cautious with DIY jumpstarts this winter given the risks to car and driver safety.

“We’ve seen all kinds of problems with jumpstarts here in Utah,” said James Fullmer, President of the Roadside Rescue 24-hour tow service. “We’ve seen the people connecting the jump cables get shocked or burned. We’ve seen the power surge from the jumpstart fry a car’s electronic system, and we’ve seen unsuccessful jumpstarts leave people out in the cold without any means of getting warm.”

While many DIY jumpstarts are successful, others can have disastrous results. Often, the poor results are from user error, like when people hook up the cables incorrectly (or in the wrong order) and damage their own health or the battery, alternator, or various electronic components of the car.

Batteries often give out in the winter because the chemical reactions needed to create power slow down in freezing temperatures. Add to that the risk of condensation when temperatures plunge, which leads to battery corrosion.

Roadside Rescue urges motorists to call professional car jumpstart services rather than risk a fiasco.

“It’s so simple to make that call,” said Fullmer. “When the temperatures are low, the top concern should be safety. A professional jumpstart service can ensure that people don’t endanger themselves, the people around them, or their car. A jumpstart service can get the battery recharged or replaced quickly. That way, people can get off the road and out of the elements so they’re warm and their car isn’t inconveniencing or endangering other cars.”

Roadside Rescue is a leading provider of emergency towing, jumpstart, and lockout services along Utah’s Wasatch Front. Its website offers a wealth of information for Utah drivers, including winter driving and car maintenance tips. To learn more about Roadside Rescue, visit

Roadside Rescue is a tow truck company that provides 24/7 reliable towing services and roadside assistance needs. As a 5-star towing company, Roadside Rescue is meticulously dedicated to customer satisfaction.


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