Saving for Retirement? Move to the Dallas Area, study finds

When it comes to retiring and a retirement plan, for some is closer to that time than others. But if you live in dallas, chances are you are ready for the next phase of your life.

According to a new study, several cities within the Dallas metro area rank in the nation’s top 20 best cities to build a nest egg.

In order to rank America’s 170 largest cities, analyzed data from various factors. These factors included household income, housing costs, poverty rate, and tax rates. We also assessed variables such as income growth, housing prices, cost of living, and unemployment rates to determine the overall rankings.

When it came to the Dallas metro area, including arlington (No. 5), Garland (No. 6), and Fort Worth (No. 19).

The cities topped the list of America’s best “nest egg neighborhoods” due to relatively low housing costs and a high percentage of paid-off homes.

See the complete list here.


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