Semi wrecker driver blames heat, police cite drugs in crash involving towed rig

A truck driver says he passed out due to heat before wrecking his semi wrecker while towing another rig in Indiana late last week. 

The accident happened on Thursday, June 20th along State Route 63 near County Road 1780 South in Vermillion County, Indiana. As of June 25th, the case is still under review, but investigators believe that the consumption of a controlled substance was a factor in the crash.

According to ABC 2, Deputies were called to State Route 63 near County Road 1780 South on reports of a collision between two semi trucks. When officers arrived, they discovered that a semi wrecker had left the roadway while towing a semi truck, leading to the wreck. 

The 57-year-old semi wrecker driver told officers that he was towing the other truck when he was overcome by heat and passed out. The semi wrecker then smashed through 224 feet of guardrail before leaving the road and crashing into the nearby woods. The driver being towed was asleep inside of his disabled semi truck at the time of the wreck, and both men were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of non life threatening injuries. 

Upon investigation of the incident, deputies believe that the consumption of a controlled substance, not just heat, was a factor in the crash involving the commercial vehicle. No charges have been officially filed and the case is still under review. The semi wrecker driver was issued a warning for a flat tire. No further information has been released.


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