Showboats begin training camp in Arlington, Texas

The Showboats got practice number one under their belts as they prepare for week one on March 31

arlington, Texas — Countdown to game number one of the United Football League (UFL) and Memphis Showboats season has officially begun. The Showboats had their first practice of training camp under new head coach John DeFilippo.

The Showboats staff hopes to get off to a fast start. A 75 player roster for day one means that getting players to mesh and chemistry flowing quickly will be important. After all Week One, Game One comes quickly, March 31 against the Houston Roughnecks.

“Today was the first time we ever threw a route to a receiver. First time, and that’s going to take some time and some chemistry,” DeFilippo said. “With the time that we’re allotted, I told our players, we have to maximize every single second we’re in the meeting room and every single second we’re on the field to get that chemistry going."

Setting the tone and the pace was also important to DeFilippo on day one. He ran the practice at a faster pace than some players even anticipated. The first year coach said a player retained from last year's team told a trainer he was surprised at just how fast paced practice was compared to last season.

"We go game speed. That is tremendously important to me. That's just the way I think," DeFilippo said. "You practice in professional football, you practice full speed and I was really proud and pleased to hear one of our players that was here last year say that."

The Showboats will practice at UFL facilities in Arlington, Texas during the week and travel to Memphis for their home games in Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium. The first home game is April 6 against the San Antonio Brahmas.


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