Snyderville Basin woman ran over employee to escape tow yard, sheriff says

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, the 51-year-old woman’s Audi was towed from the Park City Fresh Market.

The grocery store had posted signs letting all know the spots were for customers only and prohibited for 2024 Sundance Film Festival goer—cars parked for longer than 90 minutes could get towed.

Deputies say the woman got a ride from a friend to Park City Towing, on the northeast side of Quinn’s Junction.

When she found her car in the gated yard, she tried to leave without paying.

Witnesses told Summit County deputies an employee waved his arms and got in front of the woman, who turned on her headlights and drove into him. They say he was launched onto the Audi’s hood and had minor injuries.

Park City Towing kept its gates closed, and responding deputies arrested the woman at the scene for theft and felony aggravated assault.

A judge released her from the Summit County jail on the condition she keeps any required court dates. Charges haven’t been filed yet.


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