State Farm vs. AAA Roadside Assistance (2024)

AAA’s Basic plan covers towing back to the responding truck’s station, to an AAA Car Care shop within 10 miles or to another repair shop within three miles. The Plus plan covers towing up to 100 miles and the Premier plan covers one 200-mile tow per year.

The only thing that differentiates State Farm’s roadside assistance is that it covers one hour of mechanical labor at the site. This can be used to fix minor issues with the engine, electrical system, leaks and more. It can also cover the labor to replace a battery (you’ll pay for the battery itself).

AAA can provide battery replacements depending on availability. And if you purchase a battery from AAA, it comes with a three-year warranty against defects.

List of icons with labels showing the most common services offered through roadside assistance

State Farm vs. AAA: What’s Covered?

There’s another distinction in what roadside assistance covers from both companies. The State Farm roadside assistance plan follows your car just like insurance coverage. In other words, you can get a tow or jump-start as long as you’re driving the insured vehicle on your policy. Most roadside assistance plans from insurance companies operate this way. 

In contrast, AAA covers you as a driver or passenger. You could be driving a friend’s car or riding in a rental car and still get service. This is one of the most significant differences between AAA and State Farm and it adds value to a AAA plan. Note that some vehicles are excluded from AAA service including limousines, loaded commercial trucks and taxis.


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