Texas Pickle Lovers This Parade Was Made Just For You

There Is a Saint Patrick's Day Parade in the DFW Area That Also Celebrates Peoples Love of Pickles.

There is a unique festival that takes over mansfield every St. Patrick's Day weekend that still celebrates our love of gree. This pickle festival has pickle lovers from all over flocking to the dallas Fort Worth area it's a pretty big dill. See what I did there?

World's Only St. Paddy's Pickle Parade via Facebook

World's Only St. Paddy's Pickle Parade via Facebook

The World's Only St. Paddy's Pickle Parade & Palooza will take over Mansfield, Texas March 16th.

The Pickled Mansfield Society puts on the event. Mansfield is proud to be the pickle capital of Texas, so of course, they capitalize on it. They have Pickle Queens who wear green dresses and rock red wigs, they also have a Pickle Parade.

Downtown Mansfield Will Be Transformed into a Pickle Paradise.

It's free to attend, but you'll want to sign up for email updates here so you can participate in the Beer Keg Races, or sign up your dog for the Pet Parade, and even your little one for the baby parade.

Over 50 vendors will be there feeding and selling you everything your little pickle-loving heart desires.

If You Know Someone That Is Obsessed With Pickels You Need to Take Them to The World's Only St. Paddy's Pickle Parade & Palooza.

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