That Porsche Kanye West Gifted Bianca Censori? It Just Got Towed!

Kanye West gave Bianca Censori the gift that keeps on giving… Or, uh, taking, actually!

Back in March, the Vultures rapper excitedly showed off a rather extravagant purchase he seemingly made for his wife: a new Porsche! In snaps at the time, Bianca could be seen crawling behind the wheel of the luxurious silver whip at the dealership before sitting on Ye’s lap in the offices — apparently as he signed his name on the dotted line.

So, for over a month now, Bianca has been sitting pretty in her shiny new sports car. Love it! But on Wednesday, it was mysteriously yanked from her!

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According to multiple outlets, the 29-year-old pulled up to the Yeezy offices in El Lay on Wednesday and parked it outside before heading in. Minutes later, a big ol’ tow truck drove up and workers got out and loaded the thing up onto the back of the truck! Seriously!! See (below):


Sooo what’s going on here?? Did she botch her parking job? No one mentioned anything about the thing being ticketed. Was it picked up for maintenance? Or does this have something to do with Kanye’s finances?? reported back in January that the Saint Pablo rapper owes about a million bucks in unpaid business and property taxes! Thus, purchasing a Porsche that runs about $120,000 may not have been the best idea. But could he really be bleeding so much money he can’t make good on the car payments?? And he had to take back his gift to his wife?! If so, damn!!

As you may recall, last week, TMZ reported that Kanye has plans to launch a porn company of his own. And you know what they say — sex sells! But is he that in need of money, or was Bianca’s car being towed because of something completely unrelated? Let us know YOUR thoughts about what happened in the comments down below!

[Images via MEGA/WENN]


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