The Rossmonster F550 Truck Camper Is an Overlanding Monster With a Fully-Equipped Interior

Truck campers can be a budget-friendly way of getting into mobile living, especially if you already own a truck. At the same time, you can also find fully equipped rigs that will break the bank. Today, I'm talking about one such vehicle, an overland truck camper based on the Ford F550.

One of the most renowned brands in the high-end truck camper industry is EarthRoamer. Well, this rig can certainly rival an EarthRoamer. This F550 conversion was made by Rossmonster, a company based in Longmont, Colorado. Its mission is to create products that wow through their precise attention to detail, purpose, and quality. This truck has wowed me, and that's why I want d to share it with you and see whether you'll feel the same.

As soon as you lay eyes on this beast, you'll figure out this isn't your ordinary conversion. With a bumper-to-bumper length of 28 feet (8.5 meters), you certainly can't miss this rig on the road. It's incredibly well-equipped inside out and features a beautiful green finish.

The F550 rides on military-grade three-piece bead lock wheels wrapped in 41-inch Continental MPT81. At the front, you'll find a humongous Buckstop bumper complete with a winch attachment. But one of this truck's best exterior features is the Liquid Spring smart suspension.

This piece of equipment evaluates the speed, steering, braking, and ride height for a whopping 1,000 times per second and automatically optimizes your ride quality and handling characteristics. Of course, this is all offered for an appropriate price: around $15,000 to $20,000 (€13,679 to €18,238).

Photo: Rossmonster

That's the cost of a budget-friendly school bus camper – for instance, this skoolie conversion cost just $10K, including the base vehicle cost. Of course, premium results come with premium price tags, and Liquid Springs is an effective and high-quality solution.

The camper pod boasts a custom-built fiberglass composite shell with many integrated features. On the passenger's side, you'll discover a Fiamma automatic awning and five storage compartments, one of which holds a deployable ladder to get inside the camper. Without it, you'd have a hard time entering the pod. On the opposite side, the builders fitted more storage boxes.

This truck camper's rear comes with a distinctive detail: a giant panoramic window. Under it, you'll notice a spare tire and an enormous storage compartment that serves as a garage. It features a tray, which allows you to store bikes or other bulky gear, and an outdoor shower.

Step inside, and you'll discover a finely-designed, softly-colored interior. It features maple slab door cabinetry paired with oak flooring. The graphite Slate Paperstone countertops and custom upholstered blue seats are other striking details.

The Rossmonster F550 Truck Camper Is an Overlanding Monster With a Fully-Equipped Interior

Photo: Rossmonster

I'll present the layout from the back to the front. The rearest part of this truck camper is taken up by a lounge, consisting of a U-shaped couch with a large table in the middle. What I like about it is that you can admire the beautiful views through three windows. Moreover, in case you want to accommodate guests, you can transform the lounge into an extra sleeping spot by lowering the table. You don't even have to do it manually; just press a button.

Tucked away near the lounge area is a TinyWood stove with a cubby underneath to store wood. Of course, there are additional ways to heat up the interior. The camper is equipped with a Nomadic cooling A/C and an Espar Airtronic M3 D4L 12 V heater. My favorite part? You get heated floors, too.

Next up, we have the kitchen, located on the driver's side of the interior. Besides the beautiful graphite countertop, you'll notice a deep sink, three overhead cabinets, a propane-powered oven with a stove combo, and a slide-out Vitrifrigo fridge/freezer. While cooking, you can take in the view via an enormous window right in front of you. It can be opened for better ventilation and comes with a bug screen and a black-out shade.

Opposite the kitchen, Rossmonster devised a huge closet space and the bathroom. The closet features a washer/dryer combo and provides plenty of space to store your clothes and gear. What's more, there's even a ski rack.

The Rossmonster F550 Truck Camper Is an Overlanding Monster With a Fully-Equipped Interior

Photo: Rossmonster

Tight next to the closet door, you'll find the wet bathroom. I'm fond of the brushed aluminum design the builders chose for the walls. The bathroom comes with an OGO composting toilet, a shower, and a stainless steel pan with a custom teak insert.

A massive 150-gallon (568-liter) tank feeds water to the sink and showers, and it ends up in an under-mounted 20-gallon (76-liter) heated grey water tank. Moreover, a Truma Aquago Comfort Plus water heater allows you to enjoy a hot shower. Oh, and there's also a two-stage water filtration system.

While we're on the topic of utilities, let me tell you about the power system in this camper. It's a 48 V system with a 3,000 W inverter and 800 Ah batteries with energy fed by 1,400 W solar panels on the roof. In case these numbers don't tell you much, just know that this setup is more than enough for everything in this camper – you'll probably struggle to run out of power, especially if you plan to travel in sunny places.

And lastly, we have the bedroom. To get into the queen-sized bed, you'll have to use a tiny staircase, which also provides some small storage spots. Once you're up there, you'll find two reading lights, two windows, one on each side, and the Nomadic A/C in the ceiling. But my favorite part is a large skylight which lets you stargaze directly from the comfort of your bed.

The Rossmonster F550 Truck Camper Is an Overlanding Monster With a Fully-Equipped Interior

Photo: Rossmonster

So far, so good. Rossmonster has created an excellent truck camper that will not only tackle dirt roads with ease but will keep you nice and cozy in all four seasons. There's one last thing you'll want to know: the price.

Are you sitting down? Because this price tag might just blow you away. This converted F550 truck is a custom build, so we don't know its exact price. However, Rossmonster says that these custom rigs tend to fall between $300,000 and $450,000 (€272,406 and €408,609).

That's way more than most people would be willing to pay for a camper, and regardless of the premium experience you get, I'd say it's overpriced. At the same time, I'm surely not the target customer for Rossmonster, and those looking to have their dream rig built by the company are probably not that fazed by high price tags. Anyways, price aside, you can't deny that this is a stunning tiny home on wheels that will keep up with any outdoor adventure.

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