This Stealthy Delivery Truck Camper Perfectly Hides a Modern, Feature-Packed Living Space

If you think van life is hard, think about how it is when you're a person with physical disabilities. For some, such a lifestyle might sound impossible. However, if there's a will, there's a way. Today, I'm discussing a wheelchair-accessible camper that serves as a full-time home.

Meet Ben and his wheelchair-accessible stealth camper, a converted delivery truck. What we have here is a former delivery truck for Snap-On sporting a 5.9-liter Cummins diesel engine paired with an Allison automatic transmission.

Ben had a skiing accident when he was 22 that shattered two of his vertebrae, leaving him wheelchair-bound. Many years later, he decided to build a tiny home on wheels to be closer to nature and the outdoors. In fact, just like he described, a mobile home allows you to change spots and explore the outdoors while also offering a cozy spot to relax when you feel like staying inside.

How about Ben's budget? All you'll see inside and outside this rig wasn't cheap. Ben estimates he invested about $50,000 (€46,314) into the conversion, which excludes the price of a base vehicle.

It's a bit expensive, but Ben made sure to add all the creature comforts he needed and wanted. His vision for this camper was to have a comfortable, modern living space perfectly hidden behind an inconspicuous exterior. And that's exactly what he managed to build in 15 months.

Indeed, at first glance, there's a very high chance you'll think this is a normal, old delivery truck. The only two elements that might give away the rig's "camper DNA" are a window on the passenger side and the solar panels on top.

The vehicle measures 25 feet (7.6 meters) in length, with an additional 5 feet when you lower the lift at the rear. Specifically, it's a cargo lift that can support up to 1,400 lb. (635 kg). Ben uses it to be able to reach the rear door, which is the entrance. What's more, it can also serve as a patio.

Other notable exterior features are exterior storage compartments, one of which holds a diesel heater. Moreover, the camper's tanks are located underneath the vehicle: 90 gallons (341 liters) fresh and 45 gallons (170 liters) grey.

Normally, a delivery truck (also known as a step van) has steps in the driver's cabin that allow you to enter via the front passenger-side door. Since Ben can't use that door, he covered the steps and installed a passenger seat above them.

Trucks - This Stealthy Delivery Truck Camper Perfectly Hides a Modern, Feature-Packed Living Space

Before we take a look at the living space, let me tell you more about the driver's cabin. One of the first things Ben did when he got the truck was install a system that allows him to drive. It consists of a lever system – pull it to accelerate and push it to brake. To be able to steer, Ben installed a spinner knob on the steering wheel.

You'll notice this truck's interior boasts an open layout, meaning the driver's cabin isn't separated from the living space. Regarding aesthetics, you'll discover a bright and modern design with vinyl plank flooring and stainless steel cabinetry.

As you enter from the rear, you'll find the kitchen on your right. It features a deep stainless steel sink, a dual-burner induction stove, a ton of counter space, a slide-out table, and a small 24 V refrigerator. Other notable details include a wireless charger that can be popped up to reveal outlets, a swivel fan, and a control panel for the utility systems.

The latter comprises a battery monitor/controller, an air cleaner/purifier controller, and heater controls. The electrical system is housed inside a kitchen counter, but unfortunately, we don't know any specific information about it, like the battery capacity.

Trucks - This Stealthy Delivery Truck Camper Perfectly Hides a Modern, Feature-Packed Living Space

On the opposite side, Ben devised a wet bathroom that, at the time the presentation video was filmed, was still a work in progress. The shower wasn't finished, but the toilet was.

It's an extremely basic setup with a seat and a bucket. However, Ben uses that only for solids. He created a funnel for liquid waste that drains directly into the greywater tank underneath the vehicle.

How about storage? Well, Ben devised an enormous storage area next to the bathroom. It has various drawers that allow Ben to grab stuff while sitting in a wheelchair.

Finally, we have the living room/bedroom at the front of the truck. It has two arrangements, depending on whether the elevator bed is lowered or raised. When it's up, you'll find Ben's powered wheelchair while the rest of the floor space remains empty. Ben usually has people over and asks them to bring their own camping chairs – he had up to 11 people in the living room.

Trucks - This Stealthy Delivery Truck Camper Perfectly Hides a Modern, Feature-Packed Living Space

The driver's and passenger seats can be swiveled to serve as extra sitting spots in the living room. Naturally, seating is everything for Ben since he spends a significant amount of time sitting down.

So, besides having two comfortable wheelchairs, he made sure the other two seats inside his truck were as cozy as possible. He got them made to spec for himself, complete with heating, massaging, and electronic adjustment.

To turn the living room into a bedroom, all Ben has to do is press a button and lower the bed. He also installed an articulating bed frame that lifts the front and rear parts of the bed. This feature not only enables him to adjust the bed for more comfort but also allows him to park on a slant and level the bed.

On lazy days, Ben can lift the front part of the bed to transform it into a couch and enjoy a movie or a series on a projector and a roll-down projector screen.

Trucks - This Stealthy Delivery Truck Camper Perfectly Hides a Modern, Feature-Packed Living Space

All in all, Ben created a brilliant tiny home on wheels that allows him to enjoy life on the road despite his physical disability. No part of this rig's interior was left to chance – everything serves a purpose, making Ben's life easier. Props to him for this amazing project and his determination and ambition.

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