Threatened towing services withdrawal over long weekend won't cause issues: ORG

Some Ontario towing companies say they are set to withdraw services over the Victoria Day holiday in protest of legislation they believe does not protect drivers and companies. 

According to CTV News, around 50 tow companies across the province will withdraw emergency towing starting noon May 17, until the morning of Tuesday, May 21.

But Doug Nelson, executive director of Ontario Recovery Group (ORG) has said that even if the 50 companies withdraw the services, it should not cause issues on the road.

“Our members will not be participating in this job action. Many of them will likely be ready to assist the police in any matters deemed necessary. I have serious doubts that 50 tow companies will be participating in this job action,” said Nelson in an email to “When you do the numbers even as [CTV News] have provided, it comes out less than 4.5%, and not likely to be a problem.”

He adds, “We, the Ontario Recovery Group, continue to have a robust dialogue with the government to find solutions to these challenges and expect some progress in the near future.”

Abrams Towing is one of 10 operators cleared to conduct police-requested tows in the Greater Toronto Area. (Photo: Supplied)

The threatened action comes as a result of the industry members being ‘in distress’ over the effect the legislation introduced at the beginning of the year has on the towing companies. Last month, the Professional Towing Association of Ontario (PTAO) told the main issue remains getting underpaid — or not paid — by the insurance companies that, according to PTAO, use the gaps in the legislation to their advantage. 

While Gary Vandenheuval, owner of Sarnia-based Preferred Towing, said in April this weekend service withdrawal is one of several ‘events’ towing industry members are planning, ORG and their members, including Abrams Towing, say the majority of the industry players refuse this tactic and will continue to operate without disruptions.


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