Tow companies ready to help ahead of winter storm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As snow fell around the Kansas City metro Friday, towing companies like Santa Fe Tow Service were on standby ready to help drivers in slippery conditions.

“As temperatures drop, everything will start to freeze,” Office Manager Kaileigh Kupchin said.

She said they haven’t been too busy thanks to warmer temperatures than normal.

“December was too mild, too warm so we’re very ready for snow at this point,” she said.

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As the snow fell, they still did not see too many calls come in. Driver Ryan Mooney said that “usually what happens is that the mornings are slammed and then it will die down.”

He mentioned that sometimes drivers will “hear about it and they stay home” especially on a Friday.

Another reason he said that there weren’t as many incidents is that the snow was not sticking to the roads. As more winter weather is in our forecast.

“The main key is to have good tires. Most of the wrecks that I pick up, I notice their tires are shot and that is the main culprit of them getting into an accident,” he said.

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Both Kupchin and Mooney said that black ice is a threat when temperatures fall overnight. They want to remind drivers to slow down, especially in the mornings, and to pay extra attention to overpasses. Their best advice to drivers, however, is to stay home if you’re not prepared.

“If you’re not ready for it don’t try to get out in it,” Mooney said. “But the ones that do, we’ll go get them.”


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