Tow truck driver charged with theft after removing vehicle | News

A tow truck driver with an expired business license faces criminal charges after towing and storing a vehicle at the request of a condominium homeowners’ association, according to a magistrate’s complaint filed in Superior Court.

Robert Keith Sargee, 53, was charged with theft, theft of property and theft by deception as third-degree felonies, two counts of failure to comply with tow truck business requirements and towing notice requirements as violations.

In October, a woman left on military deployment with her vehicle parked in an assigned parking spot in her condominium. According to the complaint, the parking space was assigned to someone else, and the association had Sargee tow the car on Feb. 12.

Sargee, whose business license expired on June 30, 2022, did not inform law enforcement of the tow, as required by law, according to the complaint.

When the woman returned from deployment in May, she contacted police to report the vehicle missing. After she told the association about the missing vehicle, they informed her it had been towed.

When she contacted Sargee, he told her she could pay $2,500 for towing and storage, or she could sign the vehicle over to him. She asked to see the car before making payment, and she discovered it had been damaged, with the interior missing several parts.

Sargee told her he had nothing to do with the damage, but he apologized and told her he would assist with repairs “free of charge.” He also lowered the fee to $1,500. She paid via PayPal and asked for a receipt, but he stated he didn’t have one for the transaction, according to the complaint.

Sargee was being held on $1,500 cash bail.


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