Tow truck drivers honor Steven Hughes, man killed on the job

A tow truck procession and funeral today honored the 46-year-old driver killed on the job on Fairmont Drive.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Friends and family from the community were joined by tow truck drivers from all over the state to honor tow truck driver Steven Hughes, the 46-year-old was killed while repossessing a car last week.

Over 30 trucks traveled in the procession from Lexington to his gravesite-only service in Columbia. 

Tow truck processions are a way those in the industry honor each other, says Hughes' co-worker Derrick Armstrong.

"We are a family, we do this. Anytime somebody dies in the tow family we do this. It’s nice for everyone to get together like this," says Armstrong.

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Hughes was outspoken, funny, and loved his job, says friend Michelle Chandler.

"He was loud and obnoxious but good at the same time," says Chandler. "I think he would absolutely love the fact that all the trucks showed up."

Chandler worked in the towing industry for years and says she hopes the attention will help bring awareness to how dangerous it is for tow truck drivers.

"They’re all out there facing dangerous situations every day. When you lose somebody in that situation it makes them really stand up and pay attention," Chandler says.

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Hughes was also well known as an admin of a community Facebook page with over 46 thousand followers. 

Siblings 20-year-old Raheem Jackson and 19-year-old Essence Jackson have been charged with murder in connection to the shooting. Hughes was repossessing a car at a home on Fairmont Drive. 

According to the Richland County Sheriff's Department, the car did not belong to either of the two charged with murder.

The sheriff's department has declined to release an incident report or an arrest warrant for either siblings, citing the investigation is still ongoing. 

A bond hearing is scheduled for Raheem Jackson tomorrow, while no further information has been given on a bond hearing for Essence Jackson.


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