Tow truck slams into Lake Elsinore home, requiring crews to rescue driver

A tow truck crashed into a house near Lake Elsinore park today, damaging the structure and leaving the driver trapped until firefighters extracted him.

According to Riverside County Fire Department, the accident was reported at 4:33 P.M. in the 29300 block of Breakwater Street, south of Grand Avenue, just across from McVicker Canyon Park.

The agency stated that multiple engine crews were sent to the location and discovered that the tow truck had plowed into the front of a single-story property.

Crews found the driver uninjured but unable to get out of the vehicle, prompting them to initiate a cut-and-rescue operation.

The victim, whose identify was not disclosed, was extricated at 5:10 P.M., according to reports from the scene.

No one in the home was injured. It is unclear whether anyone was inside when the crash occurred.

The extent of damage to the house was not immediately known. No gas leaks were reported.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.


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