Tow trucks working overtime across Minnesota

Tow trucks working overtime across Minnesota

It’s one of those spring storms with heavy, wet snow that has tow truck drivers across Minnesota putting in long hours helping motorists through a busy two-day snow event.

Tony Robinson, with Bobby & Steve’s Auto World, told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he has crews working overtime Sunday through Monday during what he said can be a dangerous time to tow cars because drivers sometimes mistake icy roads for wet pavement.

“The speeds and it’s slippery going around the corner here. People can’t stop,” said Robinson. “It’s scary. It’s like I say, I tell the guys, ‘I will send you home if you are not safe.’ I just don’t want to have that conversation with their family, you know.”

Robinson said he expects things to stay quite busy through Monday night.

“I expect to work about 35 hours over the next few days and we will probably respond to about 100 calls,” said Robinson.

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