Towing for Toys reveals record donations | News

On Wednesday, Towing for Toys director Monty McCuiston and his wife Rebecca presented checks to both Family Resource Centers of Calloway County and Murray after completing the 2023 Towing for Toys fundraiser. A total of $98,643.99 was raised in monetary donations and toys.

“As of three weeks ago, our donations were less than last year,” said McCuiston. “But in the last three weeks, this community responded once again and we collected an additional $32,000 in monetary donations and toys. We are very grateful and very appreciative to our community for their generosity.”

According to Michelle Hansen, director of the Calloway County Family Resource Center, a total of 1,369 children were served this year - 933 from Calloway County and 436 from Murray.

Once again, the distribution of toys and clothing and shopping trips for the older students were completed in less than a week. “The cooperation between the two schools systems makes all of this possible and we are so happy to be able to serve all of these children and their families,” said Hansen. “We all wore out our credit cards because we used them so much but we were assured we would receive new ones for next year. But that meant we were able to do a lot of purchasing for our kids.”

Both Hansen and Morgan Carman, director of the Family Resource Center of Murray, expressed their gratitude to Monty and Rebecca. “Without them, all of this would not have been possible. They do this because they love what they are doing, not to get their name in the paper or recognition. They go above and beyond.”

The McCuistons say they are now planning to pick up their toy collection boxes from around town and the merchandise left from this year has already been packed and taken back to the warehouse for next year. They are already working on the 2024 Towing for Toys fundraiser. 


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