Towing warning as drivers face cars being taken from normal parking spots under immediate new ban

CAR owners received towing warnings as a city prepares for a weather emergency.

Drivers in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, are temporarily not allowed to park their cars in public street-side spots.

Drivers risk getting their cars towed if they don't follow a city's temporary road laws (stock image)Credit: Getty

Detroit Lakes entered a Winter Storm Warning at midnight on February 25.

The city is expected to get around four to six inches of accumulated snow, according to the National Weather Service.

Wind gusts are also expected to blast at 40 miles per hour.

To allow safe snow removal and a clear path for emergency services, the city issued a Winter Parking advisory.

Road laws forbid drivers from parking on the street when city officials declare Winter Parking rules, according to local statutes.

"During the period of emergency, no vehicle shall be parked or left standing on any portion of any public street," the law reads.

City officials can keep the snow services in effect for up to 72 hours.

Drivers can park their cars back on city streets when the storm has passed, and the street has been plowed.

Residents who live on one-way streets are only allowed to park on one side of the road after snow removal.

City officials are responsible for releasing updates on the snow emergency every two hours.

Parking crackdown sees 62 tickets worth $35 each issued in single night as residents cry over 'red flags'

Vehicles left on the street are subject to removal and a fine.

A picture of a Snow Emergency Violation shows a fine of $25, according to Detroit Lakes Online.

Drivers will also be responsible for any towing.

The city asked landlords to work with residents who do not have an alternative means for parking.

Detroit Lake's Snow Parking

Drivers in Detroit Lakes are subject to fines, but only under these circumstances:

During a Snow Emergency
If city officials update drivers through the media at least every two hours
For the first 72 hours of the Emergency
If a street has not been fully plowed

Drivers are subject to towing, impounding, and tickets if they don't properly remove their vehicles.


Drivers in dozens of states have been slapped with tickets in the cold.

For example, New York drivers are subject to fines if they cold-start their engines without a driver in the vehicle.

State officials passed the law to reduce car theft and air pollution issues.

Similarly, drivers were dinged for not fully clearing their windshields before taking on winter roads.

It's illegal to drive with snow impeding a motorist's view in dozens of states.


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