Tows Tops for Roadside Assistance Calls

In its 20 years of providing roadside service, here are AutoVantage's Top 5 problems on the road, garnered from more than 1 million roadside assistance dispatches:

Breakdowns requiring tows (60%)

Other auto insights from the experts at AutoVantage:

Car life spans continue to improve. In 1977, half of the vehicles had a life expectancy of 10.5 years and 107,000 miles. By 1990, 50% survived from 12.5 years and 127,000 miles, and now average car life expectancies are 13 years and 152,000 miles.

It's estimated that there's nearly one car for every American of driving age.

Median automobile age is nine years.

Number of those reaching driving age is the largest since the Baby Boom.

Average new car spend: $22,600.

Average used car spend: $9,000.

Average auto loan length: five years.

Estimated cars in use in the U.S: 135 million.

Average annual car maintenance costs: $650.


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