TTU Alumus fighting for her life after deadly hit-and-run crash in Dallas

LUBBOCK, Texas— It’s been a month since Texas Tech Alumnus, 23-year-old Camryn Herriage, and her friends were hit from behind in a deadly crash in dallas. Camryn and four of her friends were rushed to the hospital, but her roommate and Texas Tech Alumnus, Sara House was killed.

Camryn’s uncle, Tim Herriage, said Camryn’s injuries were so extreme the doctors said she was not expected to survive, but lately, she has been defying the odds.

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“Camryn has over 20 breaks in her body from her pelvis to her neck,” Tim said. “At the moment, her skull is not technically attached to her spine, she has tears in the ligaments in her neck, broken neck, broken vertebrae in her back, broken arm, about the only thing not broken is her spirit.”

Dallas Police said a Ford pickup truck slammed into the back of their vehicle, causing a chain reaction crash.

“We’ve learned the vehicle had them going about 70 miles an hour while they were stopped at a red light,” Tim said. “Just doing all the things that you’re told to do, they’d been out that night having fun, they had a designated driver who was completely sober, and it’s just amazing that more people did not lose their life.”

An outpour of support came from all over, including from friends and old classmates out in Lubbock.

“I would like to say to people specifically in Lubbock is we hear you and thank you,” Tim said. “My mother and my sister, they spend every minute in the hospital room so much that my little sister actually just lost her job today and my mother is not able to work and the GoFundMe [created] honestly, it was to allow them to be there.”

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The Herriage’s are faced with difficult decisions daily, whether or not to take Camryn off the ventilator, but one most recently giving them hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Doctors recommended one last procedure and the outcome was miraculous.

“The big issue around Camryn right now is brain swelling, they’ve already removed a large part of her skull and the brain continues to swell,” Tim said. “That was supposed to be a six-hour surgery and in less than 2 hours, the doctor came out and looked surprised.”

The surgery had gone better than expected. The family continues to have hope that even though it’s a long road, Camryn will come home.

“It’s just amazing. My dad asked, what’s the big difference between today and last Thursday when you were making the recommendations you were making and the doctor just kind of smiled and said, you’re going to have to ask God,” Tim said.

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The GoFundMe for Camryn’s medical bills can be found here.

As of Thursday, Tim said a CT scan will be conducted to see if the swelling has gone down, but for now, Camryn is currently stable.

The woman who hit Camryn and her friends was arrested by Dallas Police on February 22nd. She was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Collision involving Serious Bodily Injury and Death, and Manslaughter and is being held on bonds totaling $575,000.


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