UPDATE: Tennessee lawmakers pass new law on use of parking boots & towing fees for vehicles | Tennessee

UPDATE: The Tennessee State House and Senate unanimously approved a bill that aims to prevent car owners from being unfairly immobilized by unlicensed individuals.

The bill generally prohibits the booting of vehicles in Tennessee unless by licensed individuals through a local government.

Additionally, the bill requires that car owners are properly notified should their vehicle be towed.

The bill says the vehicle must be released to the owner for a fee that cannot exceed $100.

Governor Bill Lee is expected to sign the bill into law.

PREVIOUS STORY: Tennessee lawmakers are considering new legislation on the use of parking boots, those metal contraptions that are put on wheels to keep a car or truck from moving.

The changes would make it tougher for companies to use those boots and would force them to make it easier to free the car or truck.

Senator Jack Johnson from Franklin is proposing the bill and a similar bill is moving through the state house.

Senator Becky Massey, from Knox County, says it will cap the fee.

"Regulation said if it's being booted, you can actually pay $100 to the person that's booted, and they have to release it right then,” Massey said. “They've got to put a notice on the windshield, telling them what they have to do to get it un-booted."

The senate version of the bill is headed for a floor vote. The commerce committee is set to discuss the house version.

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