VERIFY | Does Texas DPS provide free roadside assistance?

TEXAS, USA — You might notice a tiny number on the back of your Texas driver's license that you can call for roadside assistance from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

People are claiming the service is completely free, but is that true?


Does DPS provide free roadside assistance?


Sergeant Bryan Washko, Texas Department of Public Safety


The number can provide some non-emergency services for drivers. However, drivers are responsible for paying the bill if they need a tow.


Washko says the number, 1-800-525-5555, on the back of a license can help Texas drivers in non-emergency situations.

"If they're stranded on the side of the roadway, any kind of hazardous road conditions or any kind of debris," Washko said. "In my experience being out on the highway, I've come across people, they've been sitting out there for an hour or two waiting on a tow truck, and it's a really simple flat tire. I say, 'Hey, you know, we can get that fixed.'"

What the number will do is put you in touch with the nearest DPS Communication Center.

"They can send a trooper out there if there's one available to assist, whether it's to change a tire or just to be able to put some lights behind the vehicle that keep people from getting struck," Washko said.

Washko says services like this are free of charge.

"We're not just out there enforcing traffic laws," Washko said. "We're out there to assist motorists to get them up and down the roadway safely. Troopers are just five minutes down the road."

Some services may come with a price tag though.

"If there are problems with your vehicle, you know, you are financially responsible for that," Washko said. "If the vehicle is disabled, they are responsible for any towing fees."

Washko says the number is still useful, so don't let the possible cost stop you.

"Spread the word," Washko added. "Let your friends and family know that if you ever break down when you're traveling, and you're in an area outside of city limits, contact that number on the back of your ID card or driver's license and we'll get a trooper out there to assist."

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