Video: How Far Can a Tesla Cybertruck Really Tow versus a Ram Cummins Diesel?

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It’s time to put the new Tesla Cybertruck on the TFLtruck towing range test. This is part of our on-going diesel & gas versus electric pickup truck video series. We take two identical large camping trailers, and tow them side by side. This time it’s our 2024 Tesla Cybertruck dual-motor Foundation Series versus our 2022 Ram HD 2500 Cummins turbo-diesel.

This video is made possible and safe by our friends at Weigh-Safe Hitches. Take a look at their website for high-quality light-weight trailer hitches for any job. These hitches make the job so much easier and safer because of the built-in tongue weight scale. They have hitches with capacity to tow up to 21,500 lbs for conventional trailers and 30,000 lbs for gooseneck trailers.

We are towing ATC 28-foot toy haulers that weigh just about 8,000 lbs each (dry weight). Thanks to our friends at Complete Trailers.

How far can the Cybertruck tow on a 100% charge?

It has many features that are great to towing: height-adjustable air suspension, four wheel steering, and a 11,000 lbs trailer tow rating. However, the Cybertruck did not adjust the driving range estimates after we started towing.

We went 85 miles before we had to stop and charge with the battery at 6%. Here is how the Cybertruck compares to the Cummins-powered Ram heavy-duty truck in terms of fuel/energy costs.

Tesla cybertruck towing trailer trip cost ram hd cummins diesel comparison

Join us in the video below.

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