Viral Video Shows Woman Making Insane Parking Lot Escape From A Tow Truck Driver

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Not since the two frontloaders doing battle in the middle of the street have I seen a viral video quite like this one.  It would appear as if a tow truck had been sent to find and repossess a vehicle.

Unfortunately for whoever was driving the tow truck, they weren't leaving the parking lot with this woman's vehicle.  At least not that day.  The video, which has more than 8 million views currently, shows a tow truck in front of a white car in a strip mall parking lot in parts unknown.

The driver of the tow truck thinks that they have the car's escape route blocked, and they start to back up in an attempt to hook the vehicle.  They couldn’t have been more wrong about there being no escape.

As the tow truck backs up, the driver of the white car throws it into reverse and starts backing away.  She's not having this car repossessed today.

After momentarily looking like she was headed for a complete disaster, the woman gets control of the vehicle and drives away in reverse as the tow truck - also in reverse - gives chase.  She picks a spot with enough room to maneuver and puts the car in drive.

She then punches the gas, narrowly avoids hitting a nearby parked car, and is home free.  Although she might want to avoid parking the car outside of her home until whatever issue she has is resolved.  They will show up and tow it in the middle of the night if that's what it takes.

This Could Have Ended In An Absolute Disaster

Those are problems for another time.  On this day, in this parking lot, she got away and wasn't left stranded in a parking lot without a car.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend making this kind of escape if you find yourself in a similar situation.  This could have ended with the driver in a much worse position than simply having a car repossessed.

She could have backed her car into the bystanders who bravely pulled out their phones to record the incident or slammed into one of the parked cars as she drove off.

That said, who doesn't enjoy people doing absolutely insane things?


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