Volvo Trucks North America Unveils New Heavy-Duty Truck

Greensboro, N.C., Jan. 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Volvo Trucks North America introduces a completely reimagined Class 8 Volvo VNL with striking visual details that is set to redefine industry standards in heavy-duty trucking. The all-new Volvo VNL has been meticulously reengineered from the ground up by its U.S. team through six years of intensive research and dedicated product development. Tailored to address the dynamic challenges of the North American freight transport sector, the all-new Volvo VNL features hundreds of next generation enhancements to empower customers to drive productivity, safety, profitability, and sustainability like never before and transform the driver experience. With a substantial investment of $400 million, Volvo Trucks has built a state-of-the-art cab plant for the all-new Volvo VNL next to its New River Valley Plant in Dublin, Virginia, creating new jobs and underlining its commitment to innovation and excellence in heavy-duty trucking.

“The all-new Volvo VNL was designed to change everything. However, change doesn’t only come with a redesigned truck — this product introduction is the start of a new era for Volvo Trucks, our customers, and their drivers — a quantum leap forward,” said Peter Voorhoeve, president, Volvo Trucks North America. “We started this project with a blank sheet of paper and thoroughly analyzed the trends and transformations that will impact the industry and our customers’ needs, including the sustainability and transportation demands of the future. When we launched the Volvo VN in 1996, its ‘unconventional’ aerodynamic body style set a new standard for the North American trucking industry. We did the unthinkable in 2007 when we introduced the Volvo I-Shift and spurred the industry’s transition toward automated manual transmissions. As we bring the all-new Volvo VNL to market, we are excited to once again introduce innovations that will shape the future of the transportation industry for years to come.”   

The new Volvo VNL features striking aerodynamics and is engineered to achieve a fuel efficiency improvement of up to 10%, which enables fleets to achieve considerable emission and CO2 reductions. As Volvo Trucks works toward its goal of 100% sales of zero-emission vehicles by 2040, the new Volvo VNL will be the platform for all upcoming technologies, including battery-electric, fuel cell, and internal combustion engines running on renewable fuels, including hydrogen. The active safety features introduced in the new Volvo VNL and the trailblazing change from 12-volt to 24-volt electrical architecture will be the standard for the future of trucking, including the commercialization of fully autonomous trucks. Standardization of the truck platform will enable a more efficient scaling of fully autonomous solutions which are continuing to be developed by Volvo Autonomous Solutions in North America.

Transforming Truck Fuel Efficiency to Reduce Emissions and Costs and Bolster Profitability

To achieve its impressive fuel efficiency improvements, the new Volvo VNL features a redefined aerodynamic design, including a wedge-shaped cab and a dramatically reshaped windshield. Pivotal aerodynamic improvement features also include tighter clearances around areas such as wheel openings, the bumper, and hood, paired with optimized chassis fairings and a reduced back of cab to trailer gap. Complementing these aerodynamic gains, Volvo Trucks engineers have elevated the powertrain offering with the latest-generation D13 engine, improving fuel efficiency, performance, and durability. Paired with the I-Shift automated manual transmission featuring up to 30% faster shift speeds and the I-Torque powertrain solution, the new Volvo VNL delivers unparalleled fuel and CO2 savings, versatility, and drivability across diverse applications. Fleet operators can expect to see significant annual savings in operating costs with the new Volvo VNL due to reduced fuel costs, increased operational efficiency and uptime with fewer unplanned stops.

Innovative Safety Features to Support Vision Toward Zero Accidents

Volvo Trucks' unwavering commitment to safety shines through in the new Volvo VNL, where engineers have introduced a suite of available advanced safety features. The Volvo Active Driver Assist Plus with Pilot Assist, powered by Volvo Dynamic Steering, stands out among the class-leading active safety systems, enhancing maneuverability, stability, and responsiveness to various road conditions and hazardous situations. The new pedestrian and cyclist detection feature adds an extra layer of safety, alerting drivers to potential hazards and activating automatic emergency braking when objects are directly in front of the truck. The new Volvo VNL cab, constructed from high-strength steel, will also offer a side-curtain airbag, with options for driver-only or driver and passenger airbags, a North American industry first. E-Call, an innovative new safety feature, connects the driver to emergency services where cellular connectivity is available and provides precise location details. This occurs automatically in the event of a rollover crash or airbag deployment.

Driver-Focused Design to Bolster Recruitment and Retention

The driver-focused design of the new Volvo VNL prioritizes comfort, efficiency, and safety for drivers during work as well as rest and non-driving times. The driver experience is elevated with amenities such as an optional folding bunk for easy dinette access, a streamlined control panel, enhanced insulation, a larger refrigerator, and versatile power options, creating a comfortable "home away from home.” The Volvo VNL incorporates Volvo Trucks' most efficient idle management tool, the ultra-quiet, integrated Volvo Parking Cooler, reducing emissions and lowering fuel costs during stops. This enhances the resting experience by eliminating noise and vibrations from idling. The Global Rear Air Suspension (GRAS) system, in conjunction with Volvo Dynamic Steering and Smart Suspension software, offers superior ride quality, stability, and handling, reducing fatigue across diverse conditions.

Connectivity to Maximize Uptime and Efficiency

The new Volvo VNL benefits from industry leading over-the-air (OTA) updates to optimize performance, and the integrated Volvo Connect, an all-in-one fleet management portal, centralizes all of Volvo Trucks’ digital services under one proprietary platform, including vehicle data insights, diagnostics, remote programming, fuel economy reports, safety reports, and location services. Volvo Trucks’ optional Blue Service Contract, a dealer-managed plan, maximizes uptime using real-time data from connected services, allowing proactive maintenance scheduling and remote updates to prevent unplanned downtime. Volvo Trucks' Uptime Center remotely monitors 24/7, alerting drivers and dealers to critical issues.

With the new Volvo MyTruck app, drivers can stay in touch with their truck by seeing their estimated remaining fuel range, DEF levels, and coolant levels, as well as receiving notifications about potential issues such as light malfunctions, low washer fluid levels, and other important items so they can address them at rest breaks or in their pre-trip inspection. Additionally, with the MyTruck app, drivers can schedule specific days and times to start the climate control to have the cabin climate reach their preferred temperature before arriving to their truck to start their workday.

“Progressive solutions are needed to help tackle the challenges of the transportation industry, including the need for increased productivity and efficiency while also reducing costs and emissions. Companies must prioritize driver retention and well-being with driver-friendly features and advanced technologies, providing an exceptional and safe driving experience that is key for fleets to attract and retain drivers,” said Voorhoeve. “With an interior and exterior design that stops you in your tracks, every innovation introduced in the all-new Volvo VNL was made with the goal to help drivers be safer and even more productive by providing a new level of customer value. As we completely reimagined the Volvo VNL, we looked at the future of transportation and saw an opportunity to set new industry standards and sustainably shape the world we want to move.”

Volvo Trucks has also transformed the spec’ing process for the new Volvo VNL series by introducing packaging options for interior and exterior, powertrain, and safety, an industry first that simplifies and optimizes the configuration and ordering process and streamlines the assembly operations. A new online configurator tool facilitates an interactive exploration of the Volvo VNL features, aiding customers in designing their ideal trucks. Dealer sales will begin in the coming months.

To learn more about Volvo Trucks North America and the all-new Volvo VNL, visit the company website.

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Volvo Trucks North America, headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, is one of the leading heavy-duty truck manufacturers in North America. Its Uptime Services commitment is delivered by a network of nearly 400 authorized dealers across North America and the 24/7 Volvo Trucks Uptime Center. Every Volvo truck is assembled in the Volvo Trucks New River Valley manufacturing facility in Dublin, Virginia, which meets the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standard for quality, 14001 standard for environmental care and holds a dual ISO 50001/Superior Energy Performance certification at the platinum level, indicating a sustained excellence in energy management. Volvo Trucks North America provides complete transport solutions for its customers, offering a full range of diesel, alternative-fuel and all-electric vehicles, and is part of the Volvo Trucks global organization.

Volvo Trucks supplies complete transport solutions for discerning professional customers with its full range of medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Customer support is provided via a global network of dealers with 2,300 service points in about 130 countries. Volvo trucks are assembled in 12 countries across the globe. In 2022 approximately 145,000 Volvo trucks were delivered worldwide. Volvo Trucks is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. The group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. Volvo Trucks’ work is based on the core values of quality, safety and environmental care.


All-New Volvo VNL Exterior

All-New Volvo VNL Interior


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