West Toledo chase leads to arrest of tow truck driver

TOLEDO, Ohio — Police arrested one person after he allegedly chased a vehicle in west Toledo and removed its driver at gunpoint Monday afternoon. 

According to a Toledo police report, crews responded to the intersection of Central Avenue and Upton Avenue at approximately 3:41 p.m. regarding a weapons call. Police found 30-year-old Dylan Cannan, who was allegedly found kneeling on the back of a victim. 

Cannan, described as a tow truck driver in the police report, told law enforcement he had witnessed a "felony hit-skip" collision and chased after a person in his vehicle. Once Cannan caught up, he produced a firearm and removed the victim from the vehicle and held them down.

Further information regarding the alleged hit-skip was not included in the Toledo police report. 

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Police arrested Cannan and charged him with reckless operation, obstructing passage of other vehicles and felony abduction. Cannan made an initial appearance in Toledo Municipal Court Tuesday morning, where his bond was set at $25,000. 

The victim was not injured in the incident, police claimed in the report. Authorities continue to investigate. 


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