Wild moment Hyundai plummets down a cliff after towing effort goes horribly wrong

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The moment a car being towed rolled across a road and plummeted down a steep embankment has been captured by another driver - who has now been criticised online for not helping prevent the incident.

The video, posted on Sunday, shows a Nissan Patrol attempting to pull a black Hyundai Getz out of a ditch at Lower Beechmont in Queensland's Gold Coast hinterland.

The woman filming, Lily Georget, has since copped backlash for not stopping to help, but told the Gold Coast Bulletin the teenagers towing the car were being 'silly' and she didn't want to get involved.

The video showed the Hyundai moving diagonally across the road after being pulled from a ditch when the towing rope appeared to drop to the ground.

But the car kept moving towards a steep embankment on the other side.

A man can seen running towards the Hyundai after it had been towed out of a ditch, only to pick up speed and head towards a steep embankment

A man can then be seen running after the unoccupied Hyundai trying to stop it from falling over the side.

Voices of those inside the car filming the incident can be heard panicking.

'Oh s***, s***, s***, no one is in the car!' one woman said. 

Another occupant in the vehicle is also heard.

'Oh my god, there is going to be an accident. Oh no, the control's gone,' she said.

As the Hyundai picked up speed, the man in pursuit couldn't catch up to it in time before it hurtled over the side and crashed nose-first into the rugged terrain below.

Ms Georget told the publication she was approaching the mountain summit at Beechmont when she and her mother encountered the Hyundai tied up to the Patrol.

On their return trip the cars were still there, but with another Patrol at the scene. The occupants of all three vehicles appeared to know each other.

As the Hyundai picked up speed, the man in pursuit couldn't catch up to it in time before it hurtled over the side and crashed nose-first into the rugged terrain below

'I think they might have had a go at pulling it back up again because the car [the Patrol] that was hooked up to it had been pulled down to the edge a little bit more,' she said.

Ms Georget said she understood it's not just the Hyundai that is now stranded on the mountain. 

'There have been a few comments on the post I put up that said the Patrol is still there because they can’t actually unhook it... there’s too much tension on the Patrol that they can’t actually get the strap off.' 

Ms Georget has defended her choice of not helping and stopping, as she said she had a newborn in the car.

'[Also] the fact they told us they were being silly, that attitude and all that like, you don’t want to help, you know?' she said.

No-one was hurt in the accident. 

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