Will Messi play at AT&T Stadium or NRG Stadium in Copa America?

The short answer: Messi is returning to Texas as part of Copa America. But there are two options -- and one is significantly more likely than the other.

arlington, Texas — Lionel Messi and Argentina clinched advancing out of the group stage of Copa America after Tuesday night's 1-0 win over Chile. 

They've won two of their three group games, leaving a relatively stressless third match against Peru in terms of their positioning in the tournament. Where there could be some stress for the Argentinians, however, is the health of Messi. He spoke about a right thigh problem that made him feel "discomfort." 

"It's bothering me a bit, but I was able to finish the match," Messi said, speaking in the postmatch mixed zone. "I hope it's nothing serious. It was hard for me to move freely. Tomorrow we'll see how I feel."

After clinching the knockout round, the Inter Miami star could be rested in the third group game, if needed. 

Now, where will Argentina play its quarterfinal match? There are two options: AT&T Stadium in Arlington or NRG Stadium in Houston.

Will Messi play at AT&T Stadium in Arlington?

It's still possible but highly unlikely. Argentina would need to finish group A in second place to play their quarterfinal match at Jerry World. 

With the way the standings are, Argentina would have to lose its final group match game to Peru, then Canada would need to beat Chile and make up the goal differential to surpass Argentina on tiebreakers. As of this writing, Argentina has a +3 goal differential and Canada has -1. So, if Argentina were to lose 1-0, Canada would need to beat Chile 3-0. If Argentina were to lose 2-0, Canada would only need to win 2-0. 

As not only the No. 1 ranked team in the world, but the favorites to win the Copa America tournament, these sequences of events are not very likely to occur. Argentina is almost certainly going to win this group. 

But never say never? Crazier things have happened in sports. Maybe Messi gets rest and Peru steals one? Then, it would be on the Canadians to make a massive move.

Will Messi play at NRG Stadium in Houston?

It's almost certain Messi and Argentina will play their quarterfinal in Houston. 

Tuesday night's win over Chile put the Argentinians in a very strong likelihood to win group A, slating them to play the group B runner up at NRG Stadium. 

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