Woman confesses to fatally shooting 80-year-old woman in Dallas

dallas — A 30-year-old woman is charged with murder after telling police she shot another woman in Dallas.

Just after 5 a.m. Saturday, 30-year-old Kelsie Miles walked into the grand prairie Police Department and said she shot another woman in Dallas.

Miles also gave police an address in the 4700 block of Colwick Ave. Grand Prairie police notified the Dallas Police Department, who went to the address given.

When no response came from inside the home, and having reason to believe someone inside may need help, officers forced their way inside where they found 80-year-old Betty Hearn on the floor, shot.

Dallas Fire Rescue responded. Hearn died at the scene.

Grand Prairie police Miles to Dallas Police Headquarters where she was charged with murder and taken to the Dallas County jail.

DPD said the two women knew each other; however, their relationship is unknown.

The investigation is ongoing.

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